Thunderclap: Congress, #DreamActNow!

Civic Denver • 14 March 2018
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USEE was founded by undocumented students at ASU after the November 2016 elections when we found ourselves in a political limbo and a sense of danger for us and our families, and the threat of losing Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), which would result in not being able to continue our academic pursuits, career goals, and be facing deportation. 

We are aiming to bring affected students, their families and allies together to organize, educate, and resist. As undocumented students we deserve an equitable education in all aspects of resources, access, and treatment by ASU. We are Sun Devils too!

We created this organization to make sure undocumented students know they are not alone, that we will fight together, and we will prevail. Now that DACA is still in limbo, today we continue to fight for a Clean #DreamActNow! The March 5th deadline for Congress to provide permanent relief to over 1 million undocumented youth in this country has passed and we are still in left vulnerable to being detained and deported from the place we call home. Please join us by calling on Congress to pass a Clean Dream Act that will give undocumented youth the dignity and respect to feel safe in the United States! 

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