Thunderclap: #MakeTruthMatter

Civic Atlanta • 3 July 2018
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#MakeTruthMatter is the highest patriotic call



Freedom and truth are the wings of democracy. Without truth, freedom becomes demagoguery. Without freedom, truth is hard to find.



  • Without truth, there is no trust. 
  • Without trust, there is no effective democracy. 
  • Without effective democracy, there is no accountability to truth. 
  • Without accountability to truth, there is no civil discourse.


Why the truth doesn't matter anymore
We are so desensitized to fake news that lies carry little or no consequences. Here’s how bad it’s gotten. Lies and cover-ups that would have been front-page scandalous news twenty years ago go by with barely a whisper today.  Without accountability to the truth, fake patriots and propaganda machines create mass addictions to fake news.  

The dark money of fake news has corrupted our democracy to its core. Fake news addictions induce a trance that denies the truth. Lies become truth, and truths become lies. 


How can we make fake patriots accountable to truth? 

Link truth to transparent accountability. Without truth and transparent accountability, there is no end to fake news addictions. With transparent accountability to truth, the USA will recover from the "opioid" crisis of fake news. 

How can leaders, organizations and the media reverse the fake news epidemic?

Vote for truth and transparent accountability. To restore our democracy back to the people, we must launch the #MakeTruthMatter (#MTM) movement to align related causes and movements under one umbrella.


Call-to-actions to amplify the #MTM message


  • Just click the Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr buttons above to share the #MTM idea, On August 12th, you and every other supporter will send the #MTM message to your social media followers. 
  • Copy this url and post this #MTM message on your social media now. 
  • Invite your connections to do the 2-step call-to-action (above).  

In the uncivil war of dysfunctional political polarizations, resistance only increases the blind patriotic loyalty of the opposition. Standing up to #MTM is a more effective strategy than resisting fake patriots.  




What is the political playbook of fake patriots?


Fake patriots:

  • Value megalomania, plutocracy and elite privileges over egalitarianism, equality and equity
  • Put political ideology and identity ahead of people’s needs and planetary health
  • Masquerades narcissism as altruism
  • Are saviors who are always right and never wrong
  • Are self-righteous, authoritarian fundamentalists who command blind unconditional loyalty of followers
  • Create fake news addictions to induce truth-denying trances
  • Use fake news to kill the truth and avoid transparent accountability
  • Project faults on others (witch hunters accusing others of witch hunting them)
  • Scapegoat, blame and attack others for the deep root cause of problems
  • Defend themselves by bullying, violating and smearing their political opponents
  • Undermine democracy by attacking the free press with amoral vengeance 
  • Divide, conquer and control the silent majority  

    To break through the denials of fake news addictions, we must create story movements about truth-seeking in order to address fake patriotism.  Fake patriots fear truth and free-thinkers the most.  How can we create network power to build a #MTM movement?

    Take action to help: 


    • Encourage people to hold fake patriots accountable to the truth
    • Raise political norms for truth-telling and transparent accountability
    • Increase voter turn-out for the mid-term elections

    How can we make politicians represent us? 


      Host #MTM learning events



      Ignite people’s interest to discuss questions about what is true and fake patriotism.

        Invite digital strategists, social media specialists, journalists and communication directors across organizations and related causes to report on people’s experiences of participating in #MTM learning events.  Create story movements to develop network power for the #MTM movement


        Create #MTM media events

        Invite journalists to cover stories asking politicians and leaders questions, such as:


        • How will you #MakeTruthMatter?

        • What are your strategies for defeating fake news and fake patriotism?

        • Who do you regard as fake patriots, and explain why?


        Our democracy no longer represents us



        To unrig the system, we must use altruism, equity and transparent accountability to triumph over the political corruption of megalomania, narcissism and sociopathy. 

        Our democracy can only be as good as the collective integrity of our elected politicians.  As true patriots, It is our civic duty to defeat the fake patriotism that undermines our democracy.





        • Sign up above to share the message #MTM on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr
        • Share this url on your social media to invite your connections to sign up 
        • Invite people and organizations with large social reaches to sign up too.


        Will truth unite us?

        To make this happen, we must unite kindred organizations to spearhead the #MTM strategy. This calls for developing a scalable process for hosting #MTM events to:

        • Educate people about how to break addictions to fake news
        • Engage people in dialogues about true and fake patriotism
        • Debate questions about true and fake patriotism before the 2018 midterm elections

        Connect via Linked to get resources about how to host #MTM events.  Learn more about what true patriots can do to break the trance of fake patriotism.

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