Thunderclap: People vs Shell #PeoplevsShell

Civic Boston • 5 May 2018
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People worldwide are rising up against Shell. We demand justice and decisive climate action. NOW. No more greenwash. Support our action #PeoplevsShell by adding your social reach.

May 22 is Shell’s annual shareholder meeting. Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth NL, Global Witness, Greenpeace, Groninger Bodem Beweging have joined forces as part of a worldwide movement. Together we demand justice, accountability, and decisive action. On behalf of affected communities and future generations, we are telling Shell: Stop fuelling climate change. Start respecting people’s rights, pay for damages. And stop your shady deals with corrupt politicians and businessmen. #Makethefuture.

After decades of protests and demands for accountability, communities and governments are increasingly taking Shell to court. New legal challenges against the company are launched every year. These cases are not separate incidents, but part of a global movement. We demand an end to all the pollution, corruption, human rights abuses, and the disastrous impact Shell has on our climate. Shell has a clear and simple choice: change its ways and ‘make the future’. Or it can expect many more court cases and protests.

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